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Custom Flag Artwork Specifications

Inappropriate Artwork: reserves the right to cancel and refund orders which may contain offensive, hateful, obscene, unpatriotic, or inappropriate artwork.

Copyrighted or Unlicensed Artwork: By using and ordering through you agree that any artwork used for your custom products does not violate any copyright or licensing laws and regulations. You are claiming that you have full authority and permission to use all submitted artwork and for to print any submitted artwork for your custom products.

You are claiming full responsibility for any submitted artwork used for your custom products and release from any legal action for printing any submitted artwork you provided for your custom products that you ordered.

We can work with most any graphics file format. Formats we prefer are:

  • eps – Postscript
  • pdf – Acrobat
  • ai – Adobe Illustrator
  • gif
  • jpg
  • bmp
  • tif
  • png

If your file format isn’t listed above, most programs will export in one of them. Please remember to convert any text to curves since Fonts tend to vary from user to user.

Please build one file per design. In the case of programs that support multiple pages only place one design per page. Color mode should be CMYK, not RGB. All colors used in document must be specified as CMYK, not Spot colors. Create your document to actual size, with the dimensions in inches, NOT feet. (For example, if your final product is 3’ x 5’, build it as 36” x 60”.) For banners and flags, inset your text and important graphics 2.5” from the edge to prevent them from being sewn through in the finishing process. Please remember to save a copy of your file with the type converted to outlines, paths or curves and send us this copy to prevent any font substitution problems.

All vector files are acceptable. The following explanation only applies to raster based files. We recommend not using any less than 100 DPI at full size. Example, if your beginning file size is 1000 DPI and it must be enlarged 15 times (1500%) to achieve the desired finished size the 66.66 DPI enlarged size (1000/15=66.66) would not be of sufficient resolution to produce a high quality finished product. On the other hand if the same file only needed to be enlarged 10 times (1000%) to achieve the desired finished size the resulting 100 DPI would meet the minimum quality resolution requirements for a visually appealing flag.

This not to say that we cannot produce your flag with a sub 100 DPI full sized graphic. We are just stating the fact that the higher your finished sized resolution the better. If you have any art questions please email us here.

HORIZONTAL FLAGS: Our standard hem for Horizontal Flags turns 0.75” of material and is Double Stitched along the top and bottom edges with the stitching coming in 3/8” from the folded edge. The Fly edge of the flag is Quad stitched and turns 2” of material with the stitching coming in 1.5” from the folded edge.

VERTICAL, FEATHER, and SWOOPER FLAGS: All are Quad Stitched along each of the three (non-header) sides of the flag.